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tv   Americas Election Headquarters  FOX News  January 20, 2013 7:00am-8:00am PST

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have been treated for heart failure, or if you have symptoms such as persistent fever, bruising, bleeding, or paleness. [ phil ] get back to the things that matter most. ask your rheumatologist if enbrel is right for you. [ doctor ] enbrel, the number one biologic medicine prescribed by rheumatologists. we will see you back here tomorrow. who are these children? >> this s jessa, allie and nate and we are going to the harry
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potter museum after this. >> all right. >> going to the harry potter museum. how much do you like harry potter? >> i like it. >> go ahead. >> just like the mom. see you tomorrow. >> say bye bye. captioned by closed captioning services, inc. there is breaking news this morning. hundred is of hostages now free are they are see daylight for the first time in four days injuries the hostage crisis involving u.s. workers overseas is over but some questions remain. exactly how many people are still missing and that is an answer that we do not have as of this sunday morning. good morning whereever you are. hopefully at home. i'm bill hemmer. how are you doing, martha? >> i'm going great. welcome to a special edition of america's newsroom this inauguration weekend. an international scramble is now underway and they are
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trying to account for those still missing after al-qaeda linked terrorists took over a massive gas complex in one of algeria's most remote area. today demining teams are searching for explosive traps laid by the group. at least 23 hostages lost their lives in this. among them is an american. a man from texas. we will tell you more about him in just a moment. we are also hearing that the death toll could be rising. here is british prime minister david cameron. >> i would also say when you are dealing with a terrorist incident on this scale with up to 30 terrorists it is extremely difficult to respond and to get this right in every respect. this is a stark reminder once again of the threat we face from terrorism the world over. >> the american government now warning of more kidnapping threats on westerners and conor powell has our coverage from the middle east bureau in
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jerusalem. what is the latest today? >> the fighting may be over but there is a lot of question hes and concerns and also confusion about what exactly happened and what is going on and who is alive and who is dead. now, according to algerian officials they are in the bp gas plant and searching for are mines and booby traps that they believe have been laid by the islamic militants. they also are finding bodies, dozens of bodies. according to an algerian television station they are finding dozens of bodies but they are so badly damaged they can't tell if they are members of the terrorist cell that took over the facility or if they are foreign hostages. the algerian government is saying that all 32 militants were killed on the final raid by algerian forces but they also say the death toll s at 23. it could be 25. and it likely will increase over the next couple days as they begin to figure out who was killed and who was not. now, also the details are very, very sketchy in the western governments that had citizens
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at the plant are asking for more details but right now the algerian government, bill, really don't seem prepared or able to answer many of the basic questions. >> the death toll is staggering. what are western governments saying about the algerian military raid? >> privately they are frustrated that they weren't given much information about the ongoing hostage situation and certainly weren't given much information about the raid on that bp gas plant. publicly, though, it is a very different tone. today the french foreign minister today thanked and praised algerian forces for their work and david cameron the british prime minister took a similar tone. with this, of course, is going on with a conflict next door are in mali that the french are relying on algerian forces and government to help with that conflict there. and, of course, the international community with the united states are very, very concerned about islamic extremists in northern africa so there is a lot of sort of public display of aphoenix for that algeria government but a
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lot of anger, too. >> a little background on algeria which won its independence from france back in 1962. it is nearly four times the size of texas and the largest country on the continent of africa. sunni he muslim is the state religion practiced by 99% of the population there. algeria borders two countries in turmoil right now. libya to the east. and you have mali to the southwest. algeria received almost $3 million in american aid back in 2012. here is bill with more. >> martha, want to remind viewers about the map behind us now. here is the gasfield that was overtaken by terrorists we have been watching over the past week or so. earlier today the leader of the terrorist organization seas he is willing to negotiate with the government of algeria if, if the french with support by the united states stops its bombing campaign here in neighboring mali.
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remember the northern part of this country was overtaken by islamists everonica mose over r and they hold control in that country. now, you have the country of libya also where many of the weapons from the gaper regime went down in the area to support the islamists in mali. a government in libya still trying to get off its feet and further to the east with president morrisey and the problems and the country are egypt still not eastern how that works out. an entire region in northern africa over the past 24 months that has transformed before our eyes with an uncertain future for so many millions and involvement to some degree in many parts of northern africa. martha, back to you. a man from texas is among the dead hostages in algeria. his family is now speaking out.
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they say that he had a loving heart, a caring nature and a good sense of humor. according to several reports he died of a heart attack during one of the raids at the gas plant. still, a lot of this is very unclear and at this point we don't know if he s the only american who died during this hostage standoff. back to washington, d.c. where are president obama is preparing to take the oath of office for a second term. it will happen in a small ceremony at the white house approximately two hours from now. carl cameron is live in washington, d.c. tell us why the official swearing in is today which is january 20 a sunday but we will see all of the pomp and circumstance in the event tomorrow. >> hi, martha. it is the constitution obviously that says that the inauguration and oath of office has to be taken on the 20th. 7 times in history today be the 7th it has fallen on a sunday and throughout history the
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powers that be in the constitutional government decided that we can postpone it until tomorrow. the vice president has already been formally sworn in. he took at oath of office at 8:21 this morning. small gathering of family. and later this afternoon the president will also be sworn in. it was supposed to happen at noon. it will happen a little bit earlier because of a scheduling conflict. turns out that associate justice of the supreme court sonia sotomayor who is going to give the oath of office to the president is unavailable at the appointed time of noon because she has to be on a book tour so they made an accommodation for her schedule. the last time it happened on a sunday was in 1985 when ronald reagan was inaugural rated for his second term and that day was historic because of how cold it was. 7 degrees that day. we are looking at much, much warmer temperatures. a beautiful day here today and supposed to be nice and pleasant tomorrow as well though we may get a little bit of snow later in the afternoon. martha? >> what kind of crowds are we
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expecting. we remember the historic and huge crowds there for president obama's first inauguration. >> crowd counting is a big sport in washington and it is disputed by people who think it is not a reliable number. last time around there were aerial shots and people went to great pains to actually count heads and estimate it and came up with almost 2 million people. nobody expects it to viral that. the crowd estimates ben 600,000 and 800,000 people. do not rule out the possibility that organizers are low balling and playing the expectations game assaying it could be as few as 600 so when it is a bit more than that it won't look as scant as it was four years ago at nearly 4 million. four years ago the administration raised about $53 million all with contributions of no more than $50,000 from the private sector. this year they blew off the regulations and decided to take it where they could get it
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including corporate. even taking corporate money and knocking off that $50,000 cap they say that they will be happy with anywhere between $40 million and $50 million. the economy is not sod great. a second term and inaugural speeches the second time around not as climactic as the first time. >> a small subdued party and costs in the range of $40 million you got to wonder. a lot of money when you really think about it, isn't it? thank sow so much. >> there were ten balls last time, martha. only two balls this time oh he fixly. there was a lot of party going on last night and there will be around washington in the private bashs. >> see you there latino they are afternoon. thank you so much. >> 11:55 eastern time the official swearing in ceremony for the president will take place at the white house. later tonight the president and first lady will be at the
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national building museum at 8:00 eastern time to participate in candle light is celebration along with the vice president joe biden and his wife jill. they will address the nation at 8:55 eastern time later tonight and then, of course, tomorrow is a big day also. you can watch that tonight and complete coverage of our inauguration event right here on the fox news channel. martha and i live from washington for america's newsroom 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. eastern time monday and complete cover and with bret baier and megyn kelly starting at 11:00 a.m. right after us and coming up in a few minutes we will teak you back to washington and talk with the senior advisor on the inaugural committee about some of the biggest issues on which there are many for president obama as he faces his second term in the white house. gun rights taking the spot light as a top issue for president obama as he begins his second term. so much discussion about this since what happened in newtown. take a look at the numbers. brand new fox polls that shows that the president heads into
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the inauguration with a 51% favorable opinion for president obama. and this is an interesting comparison. 56% is the approval rating that the nra has. the national rifle association. this comes as former president bill clinton at a private meeting was warning fellow democrats about dismissing progun arguments. he said that could be very counter productive for democrats. interesting mix here. byron york joins me now. chief political correspondent for the washington examiner. good to have you with us. >> good morning, mar that are. >> an interesting comparison. if you less ton what the president has been -- if you you listen to what the president has been saying lately he has been really putting gun owners on the defense eastbound. when you look at the numbers the nra in the country is more popular than the president right now. >> sure is. i think it is important to remember in these fights between the two that people have been members of the nra and supporters of the nra for
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longer than barack obama has been a politician, much less the president. and i should say also that in this fox news poll people had a more favorable impression of the nra not only than president obama but also the democratic or republican parties. there s a pretty deep reservoir of goodwill for the nra in the american public. doesn't mean everybody agrees with every position taken by nra leadership but there is a good positive feeling about the organization. >> what do you make of the quote from bill clinton. he said do not patronize the passionate supporters of our opponents by looking down your nose at them said president clinton. and also reminds me when i read that of the comment during the last election from then senator now president obama about people clinging to their guns. and bill clinton saying politically you need to be careful with this. >> bill clinton grew up in arkansas and knows this kind of stuff in his bones. he knows the danger that it can present to the democratic party. they have lost mid terms in the past because of the gun issue.
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al gore, clinton talked specifically about al gore taking an unpopular side of a gun issue in colorado, lost colorado and lost the presidency. also democrats are concerned about this issue for 2014. in the senate you have red state democrats up for reelection in alaska and arkansas and montana, in south dakota. and in laz. a bunch of red states and they are very worried about taking positions that will lose the seats. >> take a look at a couple of polls because the numbers are interesting. this one says in the debate on guns which is more important to protect they asked the people that were polled. 51% said the constitutional right to own a gun and 40% said citizens to be protected from gun violence was more important to them. take a look at one more of these. and this one is the newspapers publishing the names and addresses of gun permit holders. this has gotten a ton of
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attention. this happened in new york. a gun owner has a right to privacy. 773% say that. gun owners say 80%. and the public has a right to know, only 23% say they think this is something that people need to know. that newspaper made a wrong cal lakes according to these numbers, byron. >> a clash of the two amendments. second amendment versus first. i don't it think there is any doubt that the newspaper had the right to do this but it is something that really aroused a lot of negative feeling. isfar as the gun issue is earn concerned it is a specifically enumerated right in the constitution. you will see the congress cut the gun control proprose heals into little pieces. a lot of the other ones are not going to go anywhere because people fear maybe not these specific measures but further encroachments on second amendment rights if these pass.
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>> seems when you look at the polls across the board on this in terms of universal checks a lot of support for that. 80 something percent in one of the recent polls. it feels leak the president and maybe we will see this after the second inaugural that he could sort of take a leadership role in showing people where they have some common ground here. and i think a lot of folks feel that hasn't happened so far in this debate. >> no, and the interesting thing is that the universal checks are where there is common grounds. common grounds on some mental health issues and also i think our poll showed significant support, 60 something percent for having armed guards in schools which is an idea that the nra put out right after newtown. a lot of democrats really killed it -- ridiculed it but there substantial support and a provision for it in some of the president's proposals. there are area where the two parties can working to. on some of the bigger areas like assault weapons, i don't
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look for anything to happen in congress. >> byron, thank you. we will see you throughout the inauguration. byron york in washington, d.c. this morning. >> on a related story now a gun show in indiana seeing the largest crowd in almost three decades show organizers are telling us. thousands waiting in long lines to get into the indy 1500 gun and knife. some saying they fear president obama's gun control legislation will make it more difficult to buy a firearm. >> everybody is scared. that they ain't going have is a gun any more. >> just because of the threatened ban everybody is treeing to get the while they can. >> we did know that we would have significantly more people at the particular gun show because of the news, because of the recent discussion we have been having about gun control. >> so gun owners also showing support for the second amendment by participating in gun appreciation day in colorado. hundreds of people rallied outside the state house. the crowd in denver carrying signs with slogans like party like it is 1776.
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>> i think it is important for us to let people know that congress and our legislative branch that we are not going to take this any more. no more. >> we are fighting for the second amendment. >> we shouldn't be punished because we have some maniac out there killing other people. we will not let them take our gun rights away and if they do we will vote them out. >> in gun shows in three states over the weekend five people were hurt in accidents. >> doesn't feel like a sunday. it feels like a monday around here. >> it does. in a different set on a different day. i'm hoping that it is the right hour and we are in the right place. >> days like today and days like tomorrow in washington, d.c., the inauguratio inaugurae moments of national history. from washington to main street, 8 out of 10 americans say that spending is is out of control. so what the president could do about this in his second term. we'll address that in a moment. and the federal government grounding boeing 787dreamlinerf
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incidents raises concerns about these aircraft. why the f.a.a. s now expanding the investigation into the planes. also some outrage in an american town over a new rule that could ban signs and flags including the stars and stripes. now, what is that about? ♪ this is $100,000. we asked total strangers to watch it for us. thank you so much. i appreciate it. i'll be right back. they didn't take a dime. how much in fees does your bank take to watch your money? if your bank takes more money than a stranger, you need an ally. ally bank. your money needs an ally.
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house republicans late on friday by the way announced a vote for a three month extension on the debt limit that will give time for both the house and the senate to come up with a budget. the president has said he is not willing to negotiate on this matter. what does ben think about it?
7:23 am
a senior advisor on the inaugural committee. good morning to you from washington. congratulations. a big weekend for you. >> good morning, bill. thank you. a bunch going on. >> thank you for your time. >> what will the president tell the country on monday about debt and deficit spending and how we get that under control, ben? >> well, i think that the president will follow precedent when it comes to the inaugural address and lay out a broader vision for are where we take the country in the next four years and to talk about how some of our founding principles and values can drive us through the challenges we continue to face. i think the state of the union address will be more of the agenda, more discussion of how we get it done with congress and enlisting the is support of the american public. >> so nothing on monday about spending then? >> well, i can't specifically say that the remarks aren't totally finalized yet. i think what you will see is the broader vision. the specific agenda will come in the days ahead.
7:24 am
there was a statement out of the white house on friday addressing the proposal that the republicans have put on the table right now. it looks like they may be breaking the ice a little bit and not holding the nation's full faith and credit hostage for dollar for dollar cuts from things like medicare and other programs that the middle class rely on. >> let me come back to that idea for a moment. i want to show you the fox polling that came out friday afternoon. this is what we found. should the debt limit be raised again. 69% sure. but only if you enact major cuts along with it. so the question then what is the white house willing to cut? >> well, the president outlined both a budget last year and a $4 trillion deficit reduction plan that combines tough spending cuts with the balanced way to row deuce the deficit -- to reduce the deficit that, of course, includes revenue. includes asking the wealthiest americans in particular to pay
7:25 am
their fair share. >> we have been on that issue and the republicans say that issue is behind us when it comes to taxs. >> take a look at what is in the package in terms of spending. additional savings from medicare and medicaid in it. savings from agricultural sub is sidis. the president already signed a trillion dollars of deficit reduction into law and committed to more spending cuts but we can't just cut our way to prosperity. we have toasting to invest in things like -- we have to continue to invest in things like education and energy. he put reducing the deficit in a balanced way to promote jobs for middle class families and that is going to be his guiding principle through the negotiations. >> i want to ask you quickly about the republican idea. would you support it but with the caveat they are telling the senate you haven't passed a budget in more than three years and you need to do that so we have a baseline for negotiations. >> well, let's revisit what the debt limit actually is. this is about congress paying the bills for what it has
7:26 am
already racked up. the white house has made clear that the president will take a look at the proposal. they said it is encouraging that the republicans were moving away from some of their demands but the preferenc prefs still a long-term agreement and the president is going to use the negotiations to headache sure that we do reduce the deficit in a balanced way. that has to be the outcome of the negotiations. >> carl cameron reported that the crowd size could be just a third of what we saw in 2009. is that your expectation? >> you know, it is anybody's guess at this point. second inaugurals cal cal typie smaller than first. we have seen an outpouring of support across the country. 2800 organizations applied to participate in the parade when just all 50 states will be represented. the tickets to the inaugural ball went quickly.
7:27 am
on the mall yesterday we had 13,000 people participating in the national day of service and across the country a million hours of service committed. we are seeing thousands of participants around the country and one difference between this and the last is we are providing opportunity if you are staying in your home community to participate in the inaugural you don't have to come to washington, d.c. to do that. >> one last question here and if you could just give it to knee a sentence. when you think about a successful second term knowing the history is not in your favor on this, what would you consider to be a successful second term for this president? >> well, i think the president came into office at a time when the nation faced historic economic challenges. and if he puts us on a strong path to continue to restore economic security for the middle class i think that will ultimately be at the heart of his legacy. >> thank you for your time ben labolt. enjoy today and tomorrow. >> will do. >> thank you ben.
7:28 am
martha? >> we were talking about this. as the national debt speeds towards the government spending limit a is surprising new poll shows out of 10 americans believe that america's spending is is out of control. are they being heard? ?@ living with moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis
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battles of the second term. lawmakers talking about what president obama faces. watch this. seems like to me it is a lot like the old combativeness. remember the president said during the campaign that you can't solve problems from inside washington. there is only one guy that can actually lead in washington in a way that can find a solution to big problems and that is the president. he speaks in general terms. he likes the executive order approach a whole lot the better than the legislative approach. >> well, i think there is again where i think common ground does exist on the need to reduce the deficit in a balanced way that is going to help the economy grow amongst democrats on the hill and a few republicans. the barrier to the progress is not the president. we need to see more republicans in congress willing to compromise. >> there you have it. that is the grounds for the discussion that is going to be going on for some time i would
7:32 am
expect. joining me now the anchor of "fox news sunday," chrisuaual wallace. good to be with you on a sunday, which is really your day. it strikes me and i don't need to be pessimistic but doesn't sound like a new day is dawning in washington. >> not at all. said the president has to lead. heard david ploufe say the republicans need to compromise. the most interesting development in the last couple of days is the fact that the president is transforming his campaign organization into an issue advocacy group organizing for action and the whole point of that is to try to build up grass roots survivors you port. ronald reagan used to make them say if you can't make them see the light make them feel the heat. i think the president feels he can't win in the inside game of trying to negotiate with republicans. he is going to try to put pressure on them. i don't know that this is going to work but try to put pressure on the people here in washington by working and
7:33 am
building support outside of washington. >> what issues, though, is the question? is the president going to go out there and try to continue the mantra that everybody needs to pay their fair sharron and will make sure that corporations pay more taxes and perhaps individuals corporations that aren't paying taxes pay them or issues like immigration and gun crow and those sorts of things, chris? >> not to be a smart aleck but the answer is, yes. the debt and how to try to address the deficit. how much is going to be tax increases. how much is going to be spending cuts. definitely going to do that when it comes to gun control. i'm told you will see a very aggressive in effect national campaign by the president and vice president going out and appealing to various constituent groups. red state and quite frankly a lot of red state democrats are up for reelection to the senate in 2014.
7:34 am
he has to put pressure on them. immigration reform trying to mobilize hispanic voters in some of the key states. i think you will see it on a variety of issues, the whole legislative agenda the president is going to play an inside game but you a much more active outside game as well. >> take a listen to a little bit of more of your interview with david plouffe on "fox news sunday." >> if you look at president regan he accomplished tax reform. there was good second term accomplishments. a few things. one it is not like we are roaming around the white house looking for things to do. on immigration, gun safety, deficit reduction. we have a pretty stacked agenda here and i think there is urgency in the country for us to address this. we will bring the same energy and focus we did to the second term. >> how one of the big questions how about the president be different in the second term and what is high on his list, chris? >> i don't know that it is much of a surprise. obviously job one is the
7:35 am
economy and to try to continue the some what anemic recovery we got and try to strengthen it and get unemployment down. and part of that and they are not separate issues is dealing with our huge debt and trying to get that under control. if that were to happen and you saw some certainty on the budget and fiscal policy and spending policy that that would be an enormous incentive to businesses to invest. and then this legislative agenda whether it is gun control or immigration, energy, education reform, there s a whole variety of issues. but he does have an -- and it is interesting david plouffe said they have been looking at it the so called second term curse. overstated but if you look at the average approval ratings of presidents in their first term and their second term since harry truman it has gone down double digits more than ten points for every president from the first term to the second term except for two, ronald
7:36 am
reagan and bill clinton. every other president it went down by double digits. so i mean there is a problem in a second term. part of it is just that you get tired of them and they become lame ducks but there also are scandals and problems that they run into. he has got a tall historical order trying to break that jinx. >> in some cases i guess familiarity breeds contempt when you have a president hanging around for 8 full years there is a lot of time for that and you never know what history is going to throw your way, curveballs that you don't plan for when you look at what your agenda might be and your try to organize it. we will be seeing you later on this afternoon and throughout the whole inauguration experience. we will see you there. >> thank you. going to be fun. >> tune in to "fox news sunday" and chris' interview. you saw a piece of that with white house senior advisor david plouffe and ms. . senator roy blunt. check your local listings for air times and see when "fox
7:37 am
news sunday" is in your market. a troubling new poll for the president as the battle over government spending heats up in washington. check out a brand new fox news poll. 83% of americans that is in the first column there on the left out of control.t government gentlemen, good sunday to both of you. >> well, you too, bill. >> good to have you guys in. 11% don't think it is out o of control. who are those people? >> one person is the president of the united states. you may recall my interview with the speaker last week where he said in my interview with him that the president said in all of those negotiations we don't have a spending problem for criminal them. well, i was shocked at this poll by the way, bill. i didn't think 83% of americans agreed on anything. this does suggest to me that the president has a problem. you know, you just talked in the previous segment about the
7:38 am
president going around the country trying to make his case. he has a big case to make if he says we don't have a spending problem and we have is to deal with the deficit through tax increases. >> you deal with personal finances and you have been exposed to people who rearranged their life to make ends meet over the last three to five years. >> i think 83 percent is extremely frustrated as well. since recession hit a few years ago, people are out of work and not making as much money. inflation issues and prices going up. americans forced to pay off their credit cards and pay off their debt. they are tightening their wallet. at the same time they are watching the government, watching taxes go up, taking your money and spending more frivolously. that is the frustration that comes out of this number, if we can do it, why can't you do it? >> here is another number from the poll. president obama, more interested in growing government or reducing debt.
7:39 am
54%. a clear majority said he is more interested in growing government. a bit more than a third say it is more about reducing the debt. has either party or a a majority in either party in your view committed itself to tackling trillion dollars deficits? >> you know, bill, i'm frustrated with both parties root now. just in the last ten years, go back to around the year 2000, the budget was $2 trillion and now we are close to $4 trillion. we have seen a doubling of the budget and that has happened under republican president george bush and happened under barack obama. so i do think you can blame both parties for this. i was frustrated just this week, bill, because as you know this past week the congress just passed a $60 billion relief bill for sandy. now, everybody wants to help the victims of that terrible storm but guess what, only about a third of that money was for the victims of the storm. the other $40 billion or so was pork barrel projects. the same old thing in
7:40 am
washington, bill. i'm not sure either party wants to get really serious about the spending problem fo problem. >> the spending will be a big issue and so too will taxes. we talked about states in the country that do not have an income tax and how really the rush for this seems to be growing in popularity, matt. alaska, florida, nevada, south dakota, texas, washington, wyoming on the map there. what is your sense about how regular tax paying americans get better control of their own finances and pushing the state house on the state level or governors to act more like the 7 or 8 states we just showed on the screen there? >> a trend that we talked about this last week, bill it will continue for a lot of more states will be joining this. the taxpayers say to themselves listen cut the income tax and let me deal with my own money and deal with it that way and then at the same time, bill, the states are then forced to stop the spending because obviously you bring in a little bit less money initially but
7:41 am
then also kicks up the economy because more corporations want to come to your state. you hire more people and spend more money. a snowball effect that helps everybody. you will see people that live in states with high income taxes either move out of the states or push the legislation to pass. >> kansas, north carolina. >> louisiana. >> who knows what the next four years will bring. ing thank you. a town is considering regulations that could ban flags from being flown around town and it could according to some of the reports include the american flag. the mayor of west, new york, new jersey says that that is not the case but critics say that it would step on their first amendment rights. adrian from our affiliate wnyw has more. >> in the past things were just like the wild west here and i'm
7:42 am
trying to make sure that we bring it up to speed and make the town uniform. >> west new york mayor thinks thethon is starting to look too tacky. a new ordinance takes aim at signs and billboards and pendants. formula onetting two-run coming in next year in 2014 so i want to make sure we have a uniform code of doing signs in the town. >> the ordinance prohibits flash and moving eye sons, neon window framing, signs that are more than 15% of the window and many others. opponents say the ordinance is too controlling and violates freedom of speech rights. >> they are infringing on our rights to express ourselves. whether it is political or we need to advertise for our stores and businesses. >> the ordinance even bans flags. the mayor who is under federal indictment for computer hacking claims patriotic flags are okay even though the ordinance he
7:43 am
signed off on indicates otherwise. >> has nothing to do with the flag of the united states. they are talking about business flags. >> a lot to think about in there, right. thanks to adrienne. >> a quick programming note for you. normally house call, you watch them at this hour. they are are back next week answering your medical questions and a concerns every sunday at 10:30 a.m. eastern time only here on the fox news channel. they are sleeping late today. shocking new video of an assassination attempt. did you see this on stage? a man storms the stage pointing a gun at a politician's head. what happens next. and where this went down. [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso. i just served my mother-in-law your chicken noodle soup but she loved it so much... i told her it was homemade. everyone tells a little white lie now and then. but now she wants my recipe [ clears his throat ] [ softly ] she's right behind me isn't she?
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7:47 am
at him. i mean there was an old oar gentleman that comes in from the right-side of the screen with an umbrella and he wants to take his shots too before the situation was brought under what you would consider reasonable control. but that man if he tried to assassinate him in public failed clearly on stage in bulgaria. >> unbelievable. all right. let's get you back to washington where despite the divide there president obama is celebrating his inauguration as we always do for every president and in this case he is trying to strike a very hopeful message, once again. listen to this. >> this is really what america is about. this is what we celebrate. this it inauguration we are going to be -- it is a symbol of how our democracy works and how we peacefully transfer power but it should also be an affirmation that we are all in this together and we have got to look out for each other and work hard on behalf of each other. >> all in this together says
7:48 am
the president. there has been some might say a lack of willingness to compromise on both sides so we are in this together may be an apt message. joined now by megyn kelly anchor of america live and bret baier anchor of special report and they are anchoring, of course, our coverage of the big inauguration. welcome. good morning. good to see both of you on a sunday. >> good morning. >> bret, let me start with you. we are in this together. what do you think of that as the sort of overall inaugural message here? >> that is the overall message the president is going to be bringing according to his advisors including his senior aide david plouffe on "fox news sunday" this morning saying that is what he is going to talk about. a similar message in the first inaugural address but as you point out there have been some patriotic at the contentious fights up here are on capitol hill that haven't had the feeling of we are all in this together. that will be a challenge.
7:49 am
the difference is the inaugural address will be flowery and from 30,000 the phrases that we have heard before probably. the state of the union february 12 will be much more policy oriented and into the weeds about what he wants a second term to look like. >> there has been a lot of contentiousness. the press president has been accused in recent weeks of being arrogant and its' my way or the highway. what are you going to be looking for as you listen to the inaugural speech which is always sort of a big picture emotional moment. >> if you look back four years ago he talked again about how we are in this together but also railed in part against the largeesse of government and yet over the past four years we seen a huge expansion of the government in particular in the healthcare field and now we see taxes being increased and the the stimulus package and so on. be the president talks about how we are all in this together the question is what is that
7:50 am
going to mean to the american people. that has been something that he has been criticized for because republicans believe what is he is talking about is and if you don't want to be in this in the way that i want you to be in this i will make you by paying taxes if you don't buy healthcare and stimulus dollars that i will funnel out to causes people may or may not believe in and taxes being raised and so on. his supporter hes believe the rich got there by the help of the entire is se society and ne people and so on. they are saying no that you we have a more confident president obama. a little more jaded president obama. a piece in the "new york times" talking about how he is also going to see sort of a bloodier term between himself and the republicans s the term used by the new york times in terms of his approach to dealing with what he views as intransigence
7:51 am
by the house republicans. >> makes the whole question of leg icy come up. does this president want to dig in his heels and if he does he is likely to find republicans digging in theirs equally as hard. or does he want to start thinking down the road in terms of how he will be remembered and what kinds of things he wants to accomplish in the second term and whether or not he is going to adopt any more conciliatory term. >> if there is a big bold immigration push in addition to the gun control effort that already is having a rocky start, if you start counting the democratic heads in the senate just initially. i think we are going to get a sense early on what the legislative agenda is going to be. and also point out that you heard from david plouffe this morning and others. they are activating this grass roots effort and starting this campaign 24/7 to take the
7:52 am
campaign mechanism and turn it into a legislative mechanism and i think he is going to use that starting today. >> well, here is whey want to know, martha, when are you getting down here? >> we are all this this together but not exactly. you are inside a warm studio and bill and i will be outside in the freezing cold but we are all in this together and looking forward to it.ou h >> thanks so much. >> we will be there beforeyo kickoff. copd includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema. spiriva helps control my copd symptoms by keeping my airways open for 24 hours. plus, it reduces copd flare-ups. spiriva is the only once-daily inhaled copd maintenance treatment that does both. spiriva handihaler tiotropium bromide inhalation powder does not replace fast-acting inhalers for sudden symptoms. tell your doctor if you have kidney problems, glaucoma, trouble urinating, or an enlarged prostate. these may worsen with spiriva. discuss all medicines you take, even eye drops. stop taking spiriva and seek immediate medical help
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there have been two separate and serious battery problemsing the faa to ground the boeing dreamliner. critics argue the agency did not act fast enough to put the boeing plane on the ground. peter doocy on that live in washington. what is happening on this? 2011. >> the ntsb disassembled the faulty power unit or apu at about battery at the materials
7:56 am
lab in d.c. and given us three updates what they found. the most relevant part of the most recent release from today is this. they say examination of the flight recorder data from the jalb 787 airplane indicate that the apu battery did not exceed its design the voltage of 32 volts. excess volt and did not cause the batteries to leak electrolyte fluid that started the fire in boston two weeks ago. the dreamliner is boeing's first new plane in two decades and they brag in their website it has unmatched fuel efficiency and composite materials make up more than half of its primary structure but governments worldwide have grounded these enormous aircrafts until the batteries are proven safe and officials say there is no other way to make these planes air worthy without improving the specific batteries. >> they can't switch out to other kinds of batteries. that would really add too much
7:57 am
weight and they wouldn't be able to produce the amount of power necessary to drive this aircraft. >> boeing made clear this week the 787 has onboard protections against overcharging but again we learned this morning that is not the problem here. boeing also says they are confident the 787 s safe and they standpy its overall integrity but bill these planes are not going to be taking off or landing anywhere are until authorities are sure the batteries will not cause smoke damage or worse to any more flights. >> peter, thank you. let's keep it safe. peter doocy in washington. martha? >> we have much more coming up from the nation's capital as the president prepares to take the oath of office for his second term right here on fox news channel. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] this is sheldo whose long day setting up the news
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